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"Building organizations is what I do!" Bob says with a smile: "From the time I was a little kid, I've always rallied the team, from sports then business and practiced what I preached! I walk the walk! You won't find me sitting in some ivory tower barking orders, I love being out there in the trenches and sharing my experience with others. The way I learned to do EVERYTHING is by someone showing me, hands on! So that's what I do, I go with anyone who wants to learn how to do this or any business." He says that if you don't walk the walk, he's not going to be around you too long...

In regards to his leadership Bobby G. doesn't take a backseat to anyone there either! "My goal is and has always been to push people up to the front of the room and develop other leaders." he says glowingly! "That's what leaders do!" Another leadership philosophy of his is that you empower people and not baby sit them. "Everyone likes to show you what they can do!" And he takes great pride when a new rep or associate is getting accolades! Watching the look on the successful rep's face, when they reach their goals, is priceless to him. "I love to see them beaming with that big smile because I know that they are on their way to fulling their dreams, which my job, simply put, is to get them there!" he remarks. As a rule Bob’s passion is to help others succeed.

Bob has been married to his beautiful wife Marge for over 30 years, has 4 children and loves his Great Danes.

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